About us

私達がすること Artwork that appreciates over time

How It Started

From scratch!

The WAIFU Project began as a community project for Ethereum developers and enthusiasts to explore different ways to reward collectible artwork for contributing to a decentralized liquidity pool. Although there was no project funding, it was clear that there is an energetic community surrounding this idea and the project grew organically from day 1 with a tiny market share and some big dreams. It has since grown into a sustained effort focused on generating original cryptocurrency-inspired WAIFU characters and finding new ways to create interesting economies around tradeable NFTs on the Ethereum network.

We want to provide users with even more WAIFU collectibles that can be acquired either through our entirely unique farming experience or by purchasing these limited-number works on a peer-to-peer marketplace. The WAIF token is the backbone of this ecosystem.

The WAIF token is a non-inflationary ERC-20 launched on August 5, 2020 with a fully diluted supply of 1 billion tokens. 90% of the all tokens were permanently locked into a Uniswap liquidity contract, while the other 10% of tokens are set aside in a multi-signature wallet for future development, which includes web design, smart contract deployment, and the commissioning of artists to produce exclusive content.

Where It’s Going

Up next…

  • On-boarding more artists to use the WAIFU platform for commissions and sales of their artwork.
  • Implement direct payment and subscription dApps to compete with sites like Pixiv or Deviantart.
  • Open a fiat on/off-ramp for both crypto veterans and new users who want to participate.
  • Deploy our interest-bearing NFTs which feature a discrete staking pool for the owner only.
  • Continuing to commission works for our HAREM farming platform.
  • Widespread marketing efforts in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and more!

Who We Are Spoiler: nerds with no gf

We are an international team of artists, developers and entrepreneurs with blockchain experience. Our organization spans three continents and we are always looking for new team members or advisors who share our vision!




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